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Gapbuster Worldwide - Bonus Shops Posted

It's the end of the month, and for mystery shoppers living in select areas, that means bonus time at many companies. If you passed up a shop because of it's low pay earlier in the month, go back & check to see if it's still there.

Gapbuster Worldwide is one of the first companies I started with. They have a clear straightforward training program.  The report for one of their clients is mostly  simple drop-down questions, BUT KEEP  COPIOUS NOTES ON FILE  for months (especially if you mention anything that could even be slightly misconstrued as a criticism.) This is the only company for which I have ever had my shops refuted. The locations for one client in particular, must have a lot riding on your evaluation.

Here are a few of the bonus locations available this month at Gapbuster Worldwide:

Newfoundland - Labrador City

Québec -  Gaspé, Maniwaki, Sept-Îles

Ontario - - Cornwall

Manitoba - The Pas

Saskatchewan - Swift Current,  Kindersley

British Columbia - Sechelt

Warning!! Like many successful companies, Gapbuster Worldwide has imitators. Join our Mystery Shopping 4 Canada Club & get the correct link as well as tips on which training to take, which type of shop is faster  to do, &  what to do if your evaluation form won't submit.

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BMA - Canadian Mystery Shopping Jobs

I'm looking for Feedback on BMA. I signed up with BMA sometime ago, but none of their jobs have ever been in my area. BMA has jobs in Ottawa and Edmonton on their board now.Make sure you sign up with PayPal before applying.(See Tips)

Sign up to shop for BMA Click Here

Log in to BMA's Job Board Click Here

Note:BMA has the following warning posted:

Watch Out for Scammers pretending to be BMA! Do not accept any assignments that ask you to send or transfer money (via Western Union, for example).

Stay safe out there!

Join the Mystery Shopping 4 Canada Club. It's FREE!

Kern Scheduling

Kern Scheduling has a variety of mystery Shops available. They especially need shoppers who fly frequently to do shops in locations that are past airline security. I have completed numerous shops for this company, and the schedulers are very helpful.

Currently, there are 119 jobs on their job board for Canada

Click Here to Sign up

Save yourself time & aggravation. Download a free version of Roboform, Let it do the typing for you!

Click Here for their job board

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Watch Out for Imitations! Don't Pay to Shop!


Seen this ad?

On the home page it appears to be "Mystery Shopping Canada Employment Agency"


See this Imitator for Yourself

Watch out!

This is  SEP or Shopper Employment Program. Here's what you find after reading through several pages: Surprise! 

imageMembership Fee: $34.




Another Imposter:

Canadian Mystery Shopping Providers

(Shoppers Canada)


They are charging $35




 Here's the Real Deal:

Yes, Virginia there really is a

Mystery Shopping Canada Inc 

image Home Page 
image New Shopper Info Page
image Application Page 
image Job Board  
Login Here for Jobs

It's free to join Mystery Shopping Canada Inc They have a variety of jobs  including: entertainment, retail, and services.  Mystery Shopping Canada Inc pays conveniently by direct deposit No PayPal Deductions!

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a Canadian Club where shoppers help each other.

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Mystery Shopping Canada Inc

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Pays by direct deposit

Current jobs in AB & Ontario

Male & Female needed

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Low Paying Jobs

To Shop or Not- That is the Question!

Pricing Practices

Some companies offer really low paying shops when they publish their shops at the beginning of the month, hoping that someone is desperate enough for money, that they don't stop and figure out how much the shop is going to actually pay them. As the month goes on, bonuses are added to the shops to entice people to do them.

Is it Worth it?

You need to decide for yourself if the shop is worth the money being offered. Sometimes, especially in the beginning it is worthwhile to take lower paying shops to help you get your foot in the door. Also, if you happen to be going to the location anyway, the payment will help pay for your gas. Some mystery shoppers are advocating  shoppers should boycott all assignments under $12. I think it has to be a personal choice.

My Experience

When I started, I did some very low paying assignments, got my foot in the door, proved my writing skills, then began receiving phone calls and offers of bonuses 3x the value of the listed shops. Doing low paying shops paid off for me.

Decisions, Decisions

It can be a bit tricky deciding whether to apply for a shop at a low price, or to wait and find out it's been scooped by someone else.

What's your opinion?

Handy Tools 4 Mystery Shoppers

Tool Use
image Free* Shop Tracker
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image Free Online Tool:
Time Calculator
Complete Time Calculations quickly & Easily
(Great for tricky homework too)

How to Do Timing Checks- A Handy Tool

Some mystery shops require multiple timings. One easy way to do this undetected is with a stop watch  that has a built in lap timer hidden in your pocket . Start the stop watch when you begin your shop, then click the "new lap" button at each timing interval (when you enter the line, your order is totalled, you receive your food). When you finish. click the lap timer again, and keep it running until you are in front of a clock with a second hand.(I use the computer clock.) When the time hits an exact minute, stop your stop watch.

Free Online Time Calculator

image_thumb[6] Now you are ready to start subtracting time. Tedious and time consuming?- No! Not with this handy online Time Calculator. It resembles a regular calculator except for the display area. Click on each section (hours:min:sec)  to  enter times. Then, use as you would a real calculator. What a time saver!

Try the Time Calculator.

Questions?  Click on  "Comments" and drop me a line.

Getting Started in Mystery Shopping -

NEVER Pay for Mystery Shopping Leads!

Step 1

Set up a separate free email for your mystery shopping. I suggest Gmail for lots of reasons. (I wish I had. Now I'm transfering all my info and accounts to Gmail)

Step 2.

Download Robo Form  It's free for personal use, and you'll need it for filling in tons of forms. (Need Help with it? Drop me a comment!)

Step 3.

Set up a free PayPal account using your new email (most companies pay by PayPal) Don't choose the business option. Unfortunately, PayPal has started charging people for getting paid. Check the payment options with each company and decide what's best for you. It's free to create the account though.

Step 4

Prepare a database or  list of answers for job application forms (most forms are identical). Having your answers ready ahead of time will make it much faster to get your applications in and you'll be working sooner. Use the Spell and grammar check, then copy and paste your answers into the forms. Do you have Microsoft Word? If not, ask me for a link to Open Office –a free compatible program.
Application Answers Three of the most important questions test your writing ability and determine your chances of being chosen for a job:
A. Describe a recent shopping experience where you received excellent customer service.
B. Describe a recent shopping experience where you received poor customer service.
C. Why would you make a good mystery shopper?
They are looking for people who: are reliable, self-starters; just state facts not opinions (rare exceptions); can blend in and think on their feet;, have good writing skills (especially grammar and accurate vocabulary):and are non-judgemental. The number of words allowed for these questions varies from company to company. Usually no more than 250 characters.

Also make lists of all the:

  •  Towns around your area,(including postal and area codes) where you would be willing to shop 
  • Stores and restaurants you frequent 
  • TV shows you watch (I was asked this - still don't know why)

Step 5

Put your info in your and start applying to companies. Use the links to companies in my blog, then drop me a comment if you'd like more.

Remember- Never pay for Mystery Shopping Addresses or advice. Infonut gives free info!!
If you, or anyone you know, wear or need glasses; there are shops that pay really well for these. I can put a word in for you with my scheduler.
"We're all in this together and I'm pullin' for ya"
(Yes, I'm a Red Green Fan)
Remember- NEVER pay for mystery shopping information. You can get it from me for FREE! Want more free mystery shopping tips? Drop me a comment with your email address. Here's my Privacy Policy.

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