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How to Do Timing Checks- A Handy Tool

Some mystery shops require multiple timings. One easy way to do this undetected is with a stop watch  that has a built in lap timer hidden in your pocket . Start the stop watch when you begin your shop, then click the "new lap" button at each timing interval (when you enter the line, your order is totalled, you receive your food). When you finish. click the lap timer again, and keep it running until you are in front of a clock with a second hand.(I use the computer clock.) When the time hits an exact minute, stop your stop watch.

Free Online Time Calculator

image_thumb[6] Now you are ready to start subtracting time. Tedious and time consuming?- No! Not with this handy online Time Calculator. It resembles a regular calculator except for the display area. Click on each section (hours:min:sec)  to  enter times. Then, use as you would a real calculator. What a time saver!

Try the Time Calculator.

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