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Low Paying Jobs

To Shop or Not- That is the Question!

Pricing Practices

Some companies offer really low paying shops when they publish their shops at the beginning of the month, hoping that someone is desperate enough for money, that they don't stop and figure out how much the shop is going to actually pay them. As the month goes on, bonuses are added to the shops to entice people to do them.

Is it Worth it?

You need to decide for yourself if the shop is worth the money being offered. Sometimes, especially in the beginning it is worthwhile to take lower paying shops to help you get your foot in the door. Also, if you happen to be going to the location anyway, the payment will help pay for your gas. Some mystery shoppers are advocating  shoppers should boycott all assignments under $12. I think it has to be a personal choice.

My Experience

When I started, I did some very low paying assignments, got my foot in the door, proved my writing skills, then began receiving phone calls and offers of bonuses 3x the value of the listed shops. Doing low paying shops paid off for me.

Decisions, Decisions

It can be a bit tricky deciding whether to apply for a shop at a low price, or to wait and find out it's been scooped by someone else.

What's your opinion?

1 comment:

YrHelper Infonut said...

What's your experience with low paying mystery shops? Is there a low paying shop that turned out to be very profitable for you as well?

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