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Shoppers Sought

Retail Track is seeking shoppers for retail purchases & returns.
Apply HERE.  Login HERE
  1. The free Roboform download works well with their form. If you are working on a public computer, however, you will want to use RoboForm to Go for greater security & portability.
  2. In the comments area, tell something about why you would be a great mystery shopper for them. (discreet, objective, accurate, grammar, observant etc.)
  3. If you have questions or need assistance,call 1-800-576-6860 or Email helpdesk@retailtrack.com
  4. After you are accepted, login and change your password.
  5. The user name with this company is tricky to remember, so save it in your roboform logins.
Note: Retail Track doesn't have a job board, but contacts their shoppers by email individually. If you think you've missed some emails, login & click on "Messages"  to view your personal emails.
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