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Urgent Dining Shops - from RaMack Scheduling Exp Oct.31

This just in:

Treat your loved one to a night out on a special shop. This is a dinner shop for two. You only need to purchase one entrée and one drink of your choice. The shop pays a flat fee of $45 for successfully completed shops. The shop must be completed between 5 PM and 8 PM.(The shop must be completed by 8 PM) The shop must be completed by 10/31.

Dining locations to be  filled:

Sharon- L0G 1V0
Toronto- M6K 3C5
Bradford- L3Z 3G8
Markham- L6E 1B1
Stouffville- L4A 2S8
Cambridge- N1R 0A8
Oakville- L6H 0E9


Casual lunch or a night out  in BC  You must order an entrée of your choice, an entrée salad is ok and a drink. A flat fee of $30 is paid for a successfully completed shop. The lunch hours are between 11-2 PM, which means the shop must be completed by 2 PM. The dinner hours are after 5 PM. These shops must be completed 10/30.

Casual locations to be  filled:

British Columbia
Victoria- V8X 3W4
Kamloops- V2C 6R6
North Vancouver- V7P 3K6

If  interested do the following:

  1. Sign up at http://www.mystshop sol.com/ramack/ shopent.asp
  2. Put june@ramackscheduling.com in your contacts list
  3. Email  june@ramackscheduling.com with the “dinner” or "casual" in the subject line along with the location you are interested in shopping Make sure to include  your name, email address and phone number in your email

I just started with this company. They also have US shops.

Urgent Mystery Shops, BC & ON


Mystery Shopping Canada Inc. has some urgent shops posted. One in Chatham Ontario, and several in BC.

Make sure you are applying at the correct website. There is no charge to apply for work at Mystery Shopping Canada Inc. Look for their logo.

See the post about scam sites.

Online Shops Posted by Intellishop


Intellishop has shops available in Canada & USA. They will send you email notifications of shops in your area, but it's always  a good idea to check their job board as well

Intellishop has recently added online shops to their listings.  Intellishop pays through PayPal. Make sure you register with the same email as your PayPal account.

Click HERE to register.

Click HERE to Log In

Want a list of companies that hire Canadian mystery shoppers? Click HERE and leave me your name and email to receive my list and get updates. It's free!

Nasty Scammers at Work- Watch Out!

Never pay to join a mystery shopping group or for mystery shopping lists!

Service X the mystery shopping component of  Service Excellence Group, Inc. has been targeted by Scammers. They have issued the following alert: We DO NOT have an affiliation with Michael McDowell, nor with WA-Surveys.
We do not work with Western Union.

Click HERE for the login of the real Service X

In addition, my blogs have gained the attention of a scam group, who has had the nerve to list my headlines as if I'm writing for them!  I'm looking into what legal actions at the moment. I will never be affiliated with any company that charges you for information you can get for free!  Look for my logo for honest, straight forward writing on mystery shopping, deals, coupons and more.

Why Check Job Boards?

Here's a good example of why its important to check job boards, even if a email doesn't list  a shop in your area. I just got an email from Service X for a no purchase easy shop with drop down answers. The listing only showed the following locations:


I clicked the link, signed in, searched the job board by country and up popped a ton more locations including one in my area, plus shops in other provinces.

Caution: keep really good notes on file for drop-down shop forms. I've been queried on a multitude of things three months down the road after completing shops like these for a different company.

Bonuses being posted NOW!

Check all your companies! Bonuses are being added to shops. A shop that you may have missed may also be available now with an added bonus!

I just received notice of bonuses being added by one of my companies, but the shops aren't anywhere close to me.

If you live in the following areas, Click HERE and leave  your mystery shopping address and name and I'll refer you. (I'll get a finder's fee and you'll get another company to add to your list!)




This bonus is on a purchase and return shop using a credit card. You'll need a digital camera or camera phone to take a photo of the receipt.

How to Maximize Eyeglass Shop Earnings!

It's eyeglass shop time! Many eyeglass shops pay very well. Here are some tips to maximize those earnings.

Mystery Shopping Six Tips For Making More Money on Eyeglass Shops

Shoppers Sought

Retail Track is seeking shoppers for retail purchases & returns.
Apply HERE.  Login HERE
  1. The free Roboform download works well with their form. If you are working on a public computer, however, you will want to use RoboForm to Go for greater security & portability.
  2. In the comments area, tell something about why you would be a great mystery shopper for them. (discreet, objective, accurate, grammar, observant etc.)
  3. If you have questions or need assistance,call 1-800-576-6860 or Email helpdesk@retailtrack.com
  4. After you are accepted, login and change your password.
  5. The user name with this company is tricky to remember, so save it in your roboform logins.
Note: Retail Track doesn't have a job board, but contacts their shoppers by email individually. If you think you've missed some emails, login & click on "Messages"  to view your personal emails.
RoboForm: Learn more...

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