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Mystery Shopping - Get Higher Paying Mystery Shops!

Want Higher Paying Mystery Shops? Try These Tips!

270482090772 Higher paying Mystery Shops can find you! A key ingredient in getting higher paying mystery shops lies in your Mystery Shopping score, The higher your score, the more likely Mystery Shopping companies, with which you are registered, will contact you with opportunities to file even the same types of reports you are now doing, at a higher rate, or with an opportunity to try writing a report for a new client.

What's Your Mystery Shopping Score?

Most mystery shopping companies maintain performance ratings for each shopper. Mystery shopping ratings are usually based on the quality of your reports,and how quickly you complete your assignments. Higher mystery shopping scores can make you the 'go to person' for jobs with a company. For example, I will often receive calls ahead of jobs being posted, and have been offered up to five times the pay for completing some jobs. On the other hand, low shopper scores can make it difficult for you to receive shops and can even result your being being deactivated from a mystery shopping company's system.

How to Increase Your Mystery Shopping Score

Mystery Shopping is fun and interesting, but it is also extremely serious business. Mystery Shopping is your opportunity to make changes for a wide variety of industries, from gas stations to cruise lines. Companies make important decisions based on the information mystery shoppers provide. Mystery shopping reports are used in reviewing employees and management. Reports can effect the future of an individual, and a company as a whole. This is one reason I am so happy when I can submit a positive report of great customer service, while I highly recommend keeping precise notes on any items you report that are not up to required standards. here are some key factors that can help increase your mystery shopping score,so you too can be a 'go to' mystery shopper.

Mystery Shopping - Six Keys to Higher Mystery Shopping Scores

1. Mystery Shopping Key- Reliability – Complete assigned mystery shops during agreed upon dates and timeframes. Companies depend on reports being there when they are needed. If a problem keeps you from completing an assignment, let the company know immediately,and either reschedule your shop or cancel it. Be absolutely certain you will be able to successfully complete a shop during the specified date and/or time before accepting it. Avoid rescheduling or cancelling shops.
2. Mystery Shopping Key - Anonymity – Mystery Shoppers must remain anonymous. Many franchises will alert their employees that mystery shoppers are expected-if your 'cover is blown' your report is useless,and you may not get paid. Never tell anyone you are mystery shopping. Do not record information in direct view of any employee.  However,some companies do also offer revealed shops, where you have the opportunity to reward good service. If you are required to conduct this type of shop, there will be specific notes in the shop details.
3. Mystery Shopping Key-  Preparation – Mystery Shoppers need to prepare for each shop in advance. Review all the documentation provided by the company before heading out to complete any shop to make sure your report will be accurate. You'll want to be sure you are evaluating the correct location, and reporting all the required information,according to the scenario provided. Memorize the standards being evaluated. Some companies even provide helpful quizzes to help you memorize the standards. Print out the questionnaire, so you can complete it, unobserved, immediately after the shop in a nearby parking lot. Don't wait to get home to record details. Make sure your equipment is working-pen writes,batteries charged,etc.
4. Mystery Shopping Key- Observation - Observation is a matter of skill, and one you can develop. Your senses, and memory must be sharp.
5. Mystery Shopping Key-  Professionalism – Have a positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic attitude. Like breeds like. If you go in with a positive attitude, you are more likely to receive the type of customer service you are looking for, this makes reports much easier to write. You  also need to wear business casual attire, unless otherwise noted, in order to be taken seriously as a typical, eligible customer.
6. Mystery Shopping Key- Timely Reporting – Complete all shops on the agreed upon date, and submit accurate, detailed reports on time. Write any comments, using software with a built in spell check,then paste them into the report. Usually, shop reports must be submitted on-line within 12 hours of shop completion. Some shops may require reporting sooner - read each company's expectations, and notes, to be sure your report is accepted. Repeated late reports can result in your profile being de-activated. If you have a problem getting the report to submit, notify the company immediately, and  email a copy of your notes to yourself so you have time stamped proof. You might also want to take a screen shot of your report.
7. Mystery Shopping Key- Write Professional Reports - Make sure your writing meets the required standards of the report. High end dining shops,for example have a very precise format. Be objective - report exactly what you see and hear for example -'the glasses bounced when the associate threw them into the box' vs.'the associate was furious'. Many stores have video tapes which they can view to verify your report. Write comments using software with a built in spell check,then paste them into your report. Keep a copy of all the details of reports for at least six months, in case your report is questioned. Keeping report details is especially important for forms with drop down lists. I was once asked to verify a fast food shop three months after the report was submitted with answers to questions that were not even on the report.
Using these seven tips have helped me become a 'go to' mystery shopper for several companies,netting me much higher pay for mystery shops. It’s your turn: what tips or questions do you have about qualifying for higher paying mystery shops?
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