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Excellent Mystery Shop Forum Almost Black-Listed

Warning: You were almost black-listed

Open letter to Jacob Jans - Mystery Shop Forum:

You have an excellent forum, but your "blink" may be driving people away. I'm a top-rated mystery shopper in Canada, who writes reviews and tips for mystery shoppers. You almost got a big thumbs down.

Why you were almost black-listed:

The first link in the confirmation email I received results in a popup form asking me to re-register. Seemed fishy, but … OK, you're not asking for money, but… seems kind of strange.

Then a second pop-up- this one about signing up with survey companies- 2nd pop up? Lights start to flash. Survey companies? Bells start to ring. This isn't what I'm here for! –Well, … you need to be compensated for your time … I look for a method to close or  by-pass the box- There is no method to get past the survey sign-up!  Sirens are going off!

Why Mystery Shop Forum is not Black Listed
I'm glad I gave you a second chance. I came back to my email, clicked the second link, and found your great forum. In addition to your forum, you have a comprehensive list of mystery shopping companies (albeit without links) that people can access at the bottom of the forum.  Your forum is a great resource, don’t drive people away by bungling your marketing.

How to Get a Gold Star:

Please add the following link to your second pop up "Not now, thanks. I want to start shopping!" 

While the survey opportunities, are a good idea, people need to have a choice.   Visitors, may have already signed up with the survey companies you are promoting- make the option available, but let people choose to by pass the form. You're  doing yourself a disservice, and chasing people from your doors.  Please contact me if you need different  ideas for monetizing your forum. You do deserve to be paid for your time and efforts. I run several forums myself, and know the work involved.

Mystery Shop Forum gets a check mark.
Please turn it into a gold star.


YrHelper Infonut

Click HERE to go to Mystery Shop Forum.

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